I enjoy helping people optimize websites and software while living in the countryside town of Goseong in Gyeongnam, South Korea. You can read about my life in Korea on my blog.

My educational and career background is engineering. I traveled and worked on automated test systems in production environments in China, Mexico, and the USA.

I achieved basic fluency in Chinese which has largely waned since moving to Korea, getting married, and having a son. My son Noah is now 2 years old.

I play drums and guitar and enjoy metal detecting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor stuff.

Travel was a huge part of my life before starting a family and COVID, though I don’t love it any less. Photography pairs nicely with travel, and while I don’t have any special gear, I have been getting more into it and became a journalist for the town’s official social media blog.

Anyway, let’s GIT ‘ER OPTIMIZED!